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Using Niacin For Hair Growth

When used properly, niacin for hair growth may help stop thinning hair. Niacin, also called Vitamin B3, is an important nutrient needed for healthy circulation and energy production. The University of Maryland Medical Center found that Niacin is also needed for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Niacin is commonly found in many foods such as beets, liver, and tuna. Daily supplements of niacin are also available.

Using Niacin For Hair Growth

Though there are several reasons why hair begins to thin, it is believed that poor circulation in the scalp can be one cause of hair loss or very slow hair growth. A hair growth vitamin can provide a recommended daily dose of niacin as well as other minerals and amino acids. For those experiencing hair loss, topical hair growth products may be an effective way to stop thinning hair associated with poor circulation.

Niacin Deficiency
Niacin deficiency can cause moderate health problems ranging from slow hair growth to a weakened immune system and fatigue. In more serious cases of deficiency, a person may develop a condition known as pellegra.

Side Effects of Niacin
There are some side effects of niacin. Most people experience a slight warming, tingling, or flushing of the skin as niacin is absorbed. This 'niacin flush' is usually a temporary side effect and will decrease as the body adjusts to a healthy amount of daily intake. Extreme high doses of niacin can cause more serious side effects such as blurred vision and liver damage. As with all supplements, it is recommended to ask a doctor before taking niacin for hair growth.

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