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Promoxil hair loss treatment with Retinol : Common Questions

Q: Were any clinical tests or studies performed on ProMoxil products?
A: All of Promoxil's ingredients have been proven safe and effective per all FDA and government guidelines. Each Promoxil product has been tested for safety, integrity and effectiveness in labs and clinics around the world. Clinical performance testing for effective hair regrowth has been conducted on both the Scalp Activator Serum and Hair Regrowth Treatment. Many clinicals were submitted to the FDA to obtain non prescription approval for the 5% Minoxidil formula and separate before and after photos from hair regrowth clinicals conducted with the ProMoxil Retinol-plex serum formula are shown on this website. Additional testing is planned in select hair clinics throughout the US in the upcoming year.

Q. How does Promoxil work?
A.Each of the ProMoxil Products contributes uniquely to the overall success of this special hair growth system:

  • Daily Revitalizing Shampoo, with gentle, Saw Palmetto-fortified cleansing action removes sebum to stimulate, invigorate and nourish the scalp (in preparation for steps 2 and 3)
  • Scalp Activator Serum with Retinol-plex pretreats the scalp with proven retinoids benefits for maximized hair regrowth potential, and
  • Hair Regrowth Treatment 5% Minoxidil uses the clinically-proven active medication to revitalize hair follicles.
  • Anti DHT Tablets provide nutrients that energize the hair follicales as well limit the production of DHT with saw palmetto

Q: Is ProMoxil guaranteed to work?

A: Yes, and if you are not satisfied and have followed the regimen as instructed we offer a 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee within 120 days. If you are dissatisfied with ProMoxil's performance, return it for a refund.

Q: Is ProMoxil approved by the FDA?

A: ProMoxil Hair Regrowth Treatment, which is a 5% Minoxidil topical solution, is FDA approved to regrow new healthy hair for men and women. This is based on years of extensive clinical trials and success, both as a prescription treatment and now commonly offered as a NON—prescription hair loss treatment.

Q: Are there any side effects from ProMoxil?

A: Generally there are none for most adult men. As with any treatment program, if you are taking medication or have other health concerns or conditions needing care, you should consult a physician or qualified health professional before starting. Please note that this ProMoxil Minoxidil 5 % is only approved for and should only be used by MEN. It is not approved for women and may cause unwanted facial hair growth.

Q: How soon will I see the results?

A: Each of the Promoxil formulas begins to improve your scalp and hair health with the first application. Each day, the treatment works to reverse the conditions that cause hair loss. However, this takes time and visual results can take up to 4 months or more to see, while some may see results in as little as two months. The time and extent of success varies from individual to individual and will also depend on how closely the daily regimen is followed. Missed treatments and use of only one or two of the products in the ProMoxil regimen will reduce your hair growth potential and may delay hair growth benefits.

Q: How long has ProMoxil been available to consumers?

A: The ProMoxil hair regrowth program is new, and our patented Scalp Activator Serum with Retinol is an exclusive breakthrough offered for the first time direct to consumers.

Q: What will happen if I discontinue using one or all of the ProMoxil products?

A: As each day goes by, you will start to lose some of the hair you have re-grown. The hereditary and environmental factors that are harmful to your normal hair growth are constantly at work, and the production of DHT will continue. If you weaken your effort to counter these harmful conditions by stopping or reducing your treatment program, your condition gradually worsens.

Q: Can I just use the Scalp Activator Serum capsules alone? Won’t I see results?

A: No. There is a great deal of information supporting the positive effect Retinol can have on reconditioning the skin, but there is very little if any proof that the Retinol alone can regrow hair. It works to make the scalp skin healthy, robust and more vital, but it is the 5% Minoxidil treatment that stops hair loss and regrows new hair. Each of the products in the ProMoxil system are critical individual steps, designed to have a specific complementary beneficial effect, so that in its entirety, you will see you maximized potential for a fuller thicker head of hair.

Q: How long do I need to continue to use the ProMoxil treatment system?

A: In order to continue to win the fight against hereditary hair loss, steady use of the 3-step treatment is necessary in order to maintain hair regrowth.

Q: If I am not going bald or getting bald spots, but have fine, thin, even what you could call limp hair. Can ProMoxil help fix this?

A: Yes. The ProMoxil 3 product system is designed to stop the harmful things that make hair follicles get thinner and thinner, and eventually stop growing and it can help you reverse this thinning you are experiencing. ProMoxil treats and conditions the scalp because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and thin, limp hair is certainly something you can improve significantly with regular use of the our products.

Q: I was out of product and didn’t use the product for about a week. Can I just start up again? Have I created any problems?

A: You should start again as soon as possible, and follow the full program regimen. There is no ill effect caused by you missing a week but you will have lost a bit of progress but should not be perceptible. It is important to maintain a daily treatment regimen for your greatest success because the harmful and hereditary forces are at work everyday, interfering with your scalp’s health and the growth of healthier fuller hair. Be sure to have ordered sufficient product quantities to prevent running out and missing your daily treatments. is a property of SIM, Inc.
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