Nanogen Keratin Fibers : Hair Loss Concealer
Instantly hide and cover bald spots or thinning hair

Size: 15 grams
Price: $25.95
Brand: Nanogen
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Nanogen is a hair loss concealer made of microscopic keratin hair fibers that can be sprinkled onto thinning hair and bald spots to instantly increase the thickness and density of each hair. Contrary to popular belief, thinning and balding scalps contain thousands of tiny colorless hairs. These hairs, along with normal hairs allow Nanogen to bond tightly and form a completely natural pattern.

  • Easy to Apply with No Mess
    Fibres are applied easily by simply shaking the container over thinning hair. This releases thousands of microscopic keratin hair fibres, which bind electrostatically toeach individual hair creating a natural looking and natural feeling density. Nanogen bonds to your hair so securely it will stay in place all day and even resist strong winds, rain, and swimming when combined with Locking Mist Plus.
  • Undetectable, Natural Appearance
    Nanogen fibers merge with your own hair, adding real volume. The results are virtually undetectable to the naked eye. You can even build up the amount of fibers you use over time to gradually hide thinning hair.
  • Use before Hair Transplants
    Use Nanogen before hair transplants to subtly build up the appearance of thicker hair so the transplants don't cause an obvious and sudden change.
  • 100% Safe for Male and Female Thinning Hair
    Over 1 million incredible transformations prove that Nanogen fibers are safe. They are completely natural and they will not damage your hair or scalp. That's why they are used by leading hair transplant surgeons to conceal hair loss right up to surgery, and afterwards to hide the healing wounds.

While it certainly covers bald spots, Nanogen is much more than just a concealer. It can give your hair a fuller look and feel, as well as increased density. It is the quick and easy solution to thinning hair! It works for everyone! Nanogen fibers can work for men AND women of all hair types suffering from all different kinds of hair loss.


Natural Keratin
Non-synthetic keratin is specially designed to be almost identical to real hair, for the same weight, appearance and feel. The natural keratin used in Nanogen is also non irritating.

Electrostatic Coating
Nanogen's electrostatic coating gives Nanofibers their unique binding, for unmatched natural hair thickening.

Color Lock Dye System
Nanofibres dye system prevents running out in rain, perspiration, or even under water. Laboratory tests show that Nanofibres retain all of their dye, even when soaked for 24 hours in water.

Nanofibres are safe and free from:

Cotton & Rayon (not the same as hair, and so cannot look as natural as a keratin product), Heavy Metals (some fiber products contain aluminium or titanium)


  • For best results, first wash the hair using Nanogen Hair Prepare Shampoo and then thicken with Daily Volume Conditioner.
  • Allow hair to dry completely before applying Nanogen fibers.
  • Hold the jar at a slight angle and lightly shake small amounts evenly over the thinning hair area.
  • Blend the fibres gently into place using your fingertips.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have perfect coverage, you can also blend different colours for highlights or greying hair.
  • Apply Locking Mist Plus to bind the hair fibers even more securely and make them water resistant.

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