Nanogen Aquamatch Water Resistant Hair Loss Conealer
Quickly and easily blend thinning hair with existing hair

Size: 3.94 g
Price: $29.95
Brand: Nanogen
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Easy to apply, discreet and lasts all day.
Aquamatch hair loss concealer blends hair and scalp color together to hide thinning hair. You can apply Aquamatch in a very accurate way so you can conceal thinning hair close to your hairline, or on smaller areas like scars, and it blends in completely natural.

Aquamatch is perfect for active, on the go types, it's easily portable and a very easy to apply. The packaging is discreet and there is no mention of hair loss at all.

Water Resistant
After years of research, Nanogen researchers developed a unqiue combination of pigment retaining oils which will not rinse off, even submerged in water.

Aquamatch takes about ten minutes to dry after application and becomes water resistant and won't rinse off completely even underwater. Before it is totally dry you can continue to blend it with your exisiting hair color for a seemless look. Use Nanogen Locking Mist Plus for even better results.

100% Safe, Used by Men and Women with thinning hair
Nanogen Aquamatch is safe for daily use on the hair and scalp / skin. It also delivers hair loss treatment actives directly to the scalp. It does not interfere with normal hair growth or the use of other topical treatments.

Aquamatch uses a unique blend of pigment retaining oils which will not rinse off, even underwater It also contains saw palmetto and delivers this beneficial ingredient to the skin throughout the day. Aquamtach is safe and free from: SLS and SLES, Parabens, Glycols, and Formaldehyde

For best results, first cleanse the hair using Hair Prepare and then either Daily Volume or Follicle Defence. Gently apply directly to the scalp in the thinning area, parting or scar. Blend in gently with a fingertip, particularly at the edges for a natural look. Leave to dry for at least 10 minutes before exposing to water or applying Nanofibres, always avoid touching where possible. Apply Locking Mist Plus afterwards to dramatically improve water resistance.

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