Home Laser LED Hair Loss Treatments

Some laser hair loss treatments stimulate cell growth at the top layer of skin by creating microscopic burns or wounds, but Low Level Laser Therapy works at the cellular level underneath the top skin surface. This makes low level laser therapy a non-invasive treatment with no cutting or burning of the skin. There is no heat or discomfort from the laser hair treatment. This pain-free technology also allows for men and women to be able to use LLLT treatment devices easily at home instead of continuing costly in-office treatments.

A preferred Low Level Laser Therapy treatment combines the red light lasers with LED (Light-Emitting Diodes). LEDs are known for casting wide beams of light, so this combination of energy enables more of the scalp to be treated at once. Men and women who use home laser LED hair loss treatments can continue to use other hair loss products including shampoos and topical treatments.

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In-home laser treatment for hair loss and thinning hair
Laser hair loss comb for thicker, fuller hair
Advanced technology combines direct laser AND LED into a single, effective, easy to use device