iGrow LED Laser Hair Rejuvenation treatment

Combining the power of built-in laser and LED lights
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iGrow Hair Rejuvenation Laser Treatment

  • For men and women with alopecia areata and genetic hair loss - iGrow comes with a pre-programmed remote to target different levels of hair loss for men and women
  • Complete scalp coverage - A combination of laser diodes and LED lights offer complete scalp coverage for the best results
  • Adjustable hands-free automated device - Unlike laser combs that have to be manually moved around, the iGrow sits comfortably on the head and does not require a constant physical motion
  • iPod/iPhone/MP3 player compatible - Built-in headphones are compatible with the iPod, iPhone, and other MP3 players
  • Portable - Easy to stay consistent with therapy treatments even when traveling
  • Pain-free, non-invasive treatment - The iGrow is ideal for post-transplant treatment and anybody else who wants a pain-free way to treat hair loss
  • No burning or cutting of the skin - "Cold" lasers do not give off any heat and stimulate follicles at the cellular level, so there is no burning or cutting of the skin
  • Safe to use with shampoos and topical treatments - Hair loss shampoos and other topical treatments are safe to use with the iGrow

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatments have been used by doctors in their offices for years to help heal wounds caused by transplant surgeries and treat hair loss in men and women. These treatments have been shown to stop hair loss and promote new hair growth by stimulating cells. Now the iGrow, a Low Level Laser Therapy treatment that is as strong and effective as in-office hair lasers, is available for convenient use at home.

Research has shown that hair loss is successfully treated by Low Level Laser Therapy treatments when a pulsating light energy in the wavelength range of 650 - 670 nm is directed at the scalp. This high-powered wavelength provides safe and effective pulsing light energy to stimulate hair follicle cells. The iGrow uses this pulsating wavelength range of 650 - 670 nm, making it equivalent to other in-office hair lasers.

Power and consistency is important when it comes to Low Level Laser Therapy treatments. The most beneficial LLLT treatments work by covering the entire scalp with laser light energy. Much like LLLT treatments in doctors' offices, the iGrow combines 21 laser diodes with 30 LED lights to provide light energy for complete and consistent scalp coverage.

Using the iGrow for 20 minutes 2 - 3 times per week can drastically cut down on thinning hair and help restore thick and full hair. Men and women using the iGrow showed an improvement in hair condition within 12 weeks. Consistent use showed that hair became thicker after a few months, and continuous use of iGrow helped maintain those results.

Before and after iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation

Before and After iGrow Laser Hair Treatment Before and After Laser Hair Treatment

iGrow Laser Hair Treatment Laser Hair Treatment Hair Treatment

Reviews and Testimonials

My son is in college and was prematurely losing his hair. After, just 3 months of using iGrow, he says his hair loss has stopped, and he is beginning to see new growth on the top of his head.
Celia T, Orlando, FL

I have been using your hair rejuvenation system for about 5 months. Already, my hair feels thicker and several people have asked me what I was doing differently.
John W, Madison, NJ

I have tried everything from Propecia to Saw Palmetto, but nothing has worked as well as my iGrow laser. Within a few months, there was new hair growth and some very positive feedback from those around me who could tell a difference! My iGrow was worth every cent!
Brett, Orange County, CA

I love my iGrow, as soon as I started using it my hair stopped shedding immediately and part that was thinning by my bangs filled in after a few months. My hair is even growing faster than ever before.
Shelly, Laguna Beach, CA

I have been using the iGrow laser device for almost 3 months. I can tell a difference in my hair. It is thicker and you cannot see my scalp anymore. I had several places on the crown of my head that were extremely thin. As a 38-year-old female who has fine hair, I became very concerned. I had two procedures completed within a 2 week time-frame that required anesthesia. This is what I think caused extreme shedding in my hair. I can now wear my hair in various styles without having to use products to cover the balding spots. I will continue to use this along with my hair vitamins. My self confidence has really increased.
Sonya, Durham, NC

See package instructions for complete directions for usage.

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