Cover Bald Spots and Hide Thinning Hair with a Hair Loss Concealer

While there is no cure for hair loss, there are fast, easy ways to cover it up instantly! Hair loss concealers look perfectly natural and blend in with existing hair to cover bald spots, and hide thinning hair. Choose from keratin hair fibers, topical shading, and spray on hair to instantly hide baldness and cover hair loss. Plus a hair loss concealer won't interfere with any long term hair treatment you may be using.
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Viviscal Filler hair fibers instantly cover thinning hair areas. Fibers are sprinkled into the thinning area and instantly thicker, fuller hair appears!
Keratin fibers to instantly cover balding, thinning hair
Instantly hide hair loss and thinning hair
Cover bald spots and thinning hair with natural looking keratin fibers!